Silver Propelling Pencil with an inscription relating to the NCOs of Kenley April 1942

Pencil length
Pencil inscription
Pencil hallmark

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  • The pencil’s hallmark is Birmingham 1940 and the silversmith was William Suckling Ltd who no longer exist.
    But still no idea who purchased it or why

    By John Justice (14/11/2018)
  • Hi John, it’s interesting that it was probably made in Birmingham, maybe someone got it inscribed while they were up in that area of the country then gifted it, still not sure who it was for or why.

    By Josie Evans (15/11/2018)
  • I’ve done some digging and the two events I have found which might possibly be linked to this pencil are;
    The visit of King George VI to the airfield
    The departure of Al Deere to a new posting.
    My logic says the latter is more likely baring in mind the informal inscription, but I would welcome any other ideas

    By John Justice (26/10/2018)

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