The Vapoured Sky....

Freddy Jones

On the 80th anniversary of RAF Kenley’s ‘Hardest Day,’ here is a poetic tribute to ‘The Few,’ from Freddy Jones, who served at Kenley post-war.

The Vapoured Sky

Upward now the fighters fly,
Up towards the vapoured sky,
Ever higher, throttles wide
To reach the scene of battle.

Soon they level, eagle eyed,
Choosing targets ‘ere they dive,
Closing on the bombers first,
Banking sharply as they pass.

Then falls the first, and there another,
A burst of silk, a son, or brother
Hanging limp, or plucking shrouds
As the fight continues.

But then, abruptly, all falls still,
The sky has cleared, the battle won
No longer heard the Merlin note
Above the sunlit meadows

As back to base the fighters flow
The pilots rest,a brief repose
Before they wake to face the morrow,
Whilst comrades lost, sleep ever on.


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