1936 N.A.A.F.I. Credit Note Book

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  • I worked for NAAFI for quite a few years [mostly in Northern Ireland]. An old family friend had worked for NAAFI after he was demobed from the Navy in 1946 right through until the late 60’s [he served in Korea, Hong Kong and on Christmas Island during the atomic bomb tests in the 50’s].
    When I joined I thought NAAFI quite old fashioned, especially the accounting books and records. I mentioned this to Bill, the family friend and even showed him some samples. The forms were almost exactly the same as when he served. The only difference was the “print date” located at the top left of each page [and on the cover].
    On the example of the “491” that you have here the last two sets of digits, 3/35 are either the date that that format came into use or was last updated.
    All the books and records I used were noted 2/71, the date of decimalisation. Other than that, they were exactly the same as Bill remembered them and the example of the “491” that you have here is almost the same as I remember, only ours only had two columns for pounds and pence, not three for pounds, shillings and pence.

    By Chris Dobson (23/06/2021)

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