In memory of

Sergeant Lewis Reginald Isaac

Sgt. Lewis R. Isaac
Battle of Britain Monument
Sgt. Isaac remembered on the Runnymede Memorial.
Jane Collman Williams

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  • Just ran the Spitfire 10K today in memory of this man.

    By Chris Foulds (27/08/2023)
  • In his book Battle of Britain voices, Jonathan Reeves quotes US volunteer pilot Arthur Art Donahue’s memoir. ‘(Issac) was one of the rear guard pilots… he must have seen some Messerschmitts coming up to attack the squadron from behind, had turned back to engage them, and thus, fighting alone to protect his mates, he had gone out in a blaze of glory’.

    By Chris Payne (22/05/2021)
  • Just ran the Spitfire 10K run in honor of Sergeant Issac. Thank you for your service and sacrifice sir.

    By William Daugherty (31/08/2020)

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