In memory of

Flight Lieutenant Patrick Terrance O'Leary

PatrickTerrance O'Leary in August 1941.
Canadian Service Files.
Flight Lieutenant O' Leary remembered at the Runnymede Memorial.
Flight Lieutenant Patrick O'Leary. Front row, second left.
Pierre Lagace

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  • Hello,

    I am one of Terry’s great-nephews (through his sister, my paternal grandmother). Like many relatives lost in a conflict, Terry has loomed large over the collective memory of my family. As such, I was pleasantly surprised to see such a detailed dedicated to his service and memory.

    By Liam Caswell (22/01/2020)
  • Hi Liam,
    It’s wonderful to hear from you. We will be emailing you tomorrow.

    By Linda Duffield (26/01/2020)
  • Flight Lieutenant Patrick Terrance O’Leary

    Front row, second on the left

    You can use that photo.

    By Pierre Lagacé (02/01/2020)
  • Hi Pierre,
    That is much appreciated. Many thanks.
    I will add it in.

    By Linda Duffield (02/01/2020)

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