In memory of

Flight Lieutenant Orlan Roderick Brown

John Arthur and Orlan Roderick Brown, both killed in action during WWII.
"Furrows and Faith"
F/Lt. O. R. Brown remembered on the Runnymede Memorial.
Jane Collman Williams

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  • Thank you, Uncles Orlan and John, for your service, your courage and the ultimate sacrifices you made in the name of peace. I will never forget.

    Elizabeth “Annette” Huyter
    Great Niece of Orlan and John Brown
    Granddaughter of William “Bill” and Dora (Soderquist) Brown
    Daughter of Caroline (Brown) and Paul Huyter

    By Annette Huyter (19/02/2021)
  • I’m sad you had to sacrifice your lives. You were both far too young. Very proud of your bravery.

    Dorraine Gustafson
    Third Daughter of Ileen and Wilfred Dale
    Grand daughter of Bill and Dora Brown.

    By Dorraine Gustafson (19/02/2021)
  • Rest in peace, Great Uncles John and Orlan. Your courage and sacrifice makes me very proud, though I never knew you, being born in 1966 to Caroline (Brown) and Paul Huyter. My Mom is the daughter of my Grandfather, William Brown, your elder brother. I wish I could have met you. Love, Paul

    By Paul Huyter (19/02/2021)
  • RIP. ❤️ Your honourable service and young lives will never be forgotten. ❤️ I am the granddaughter of William Brown, oldest brother to Orlan Roderick and John Arthur Brown). ❤️

    By Louella Cann (Brown) (18/02/2021)
  • RIP. Your honourable service and young lives will never be forgotten ❤️

    By Louella Cann (a granddaughter of William Brown) (18/02/2021)

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