About the Interactive Visitors' Guide

This guide shows all the major points of interest on the airfield that survive today. For more detailed information on each point please select the corresponding link below:

Today , all that remains are in the main structures, which were completed when Kenley was modernised to meet the renewed threat of war. Two crossing concrete runways, a perimeter track and 3 blast pens were built, in which aircraft were dispersed around the airfield.

In 1939, at the start of the Second World War, Kenley was still being rebuilt. By spring 1940, the preparations were complete and Kenley became a fully operational sector of Fighter Command.

Kenley Airfield today

None of the original hangars survive today, as three were destroyed in 1940 and the last burnt down in 1978. Other buildings have also gone, but most of the blast pens,  the NAAFI and the Officers’ Mess are still here. These important features are protected as scheduled monuments and listed buildings.

Kenley Common

Surrounding the airfield site is 138 acres of woodland known as Kenley Common. Some features of the historic common land survive in the form of boundaries and old trees. The common today consists of chalk grassland and ancient woodland, with fine views over the Caterham valley and North Downs. For more information click on the Kenley Common link above.