The Bourne Society Volume 46 - Memories of the Early 1950's

Memories of Early 1950's
The Bourne Society

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Volume 46 – February 2006


During the first half of that decade I was an indentured apprentice compositor learning the craft of setting lead type by hand at the Hillside Press in Godstone Road, Whyteleafe. I lived with my widowed mother at Caterham on the Hill. My daily journey to work on an ancient ‘Hercules’ pedal cycle and later a 1936 150cc ‘Coventry Eagle’ motor cycle must have nearly worn a groove in Whyteleafe Hill. …


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  • I was apprenticed under Norman Skinner at George Rose Printers in Thornton Heath in the late 1960s. His skill hand typesetting the tiny type (4.75 point and smaller) in circles used for chemists bottle labels was much admired by us apprentices. Thank you for your guidance. Frank Gausden

    By Frank Gausden (29/09/2021)

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